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Looking for a holistic Aquaculture Magazine? You have hit the right one! - The Aquaculture Spectrum. This India based magazine that is being launched from the aquaculture hub of the country provides you, the broadest outlook on the aquaculture sector in India as well as across the globe. The magazine gives you a spectrum of information related to the aquaculture industry as well as the commercially oriented aquaculture research.

Current Issues

Issue highlights
Unveiling the culture potential of Climbing perch (Anabas testudineus)
Peacock eel, Macrognathus aral - An important candidate species for Aquaculture diversification
Feed supplementation with a Bacillus probiotic blend for control of pathogenic Vibrio in cultured shrimp
Exploring the potential of paraprobiotics with focus on shrimp culture
A simple tool kit for protein gel electrophoresis techniques
Giant Clam: A lesser-known mollusc in india
Ornamental Shrimp – Monthly Feature - Bloody Mary Shrimp
L. vannamei Broodstock Imports
Aqua Brahma Shrimp Prices – Monthly Analysis


Industry News

State-wise sector updates

Entrepreneur’s talk

Cover stories on new technologies and innovations

Research contributions

Farming scenario

Disease watch

Farm gate prices of various farmed species

Aqua events


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